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Soft Skill

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist (CDMS)


Digital Marketing specialists are high in demand. According to a report by McKinley Marketing Partners (Statistica), demand for marketers far exceeds supply in key marketing areas—with over half of marketing talent hires being “digital”. estimates that an average digital marketing manager’s annual salary averages around RM90,799 annually (as of March 2018). The Certified Digital Marketing Specialist (CDMS) course provides a comprehensive introduction to the core essentials of digital marketing, which is delivered through various channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile. You will learn practical methods of how to harness the power of digital marketing as the core driver of your company’s marketing strategy; how to apply successful marketing campaigns, measure outcomes, and plan a marketing strategy. The course content is designed by industry experts with in-depth experience in digital marketing, strategy, and planning.

Project Management for Non Non-Project Managers


The Secret Project Manager probably didn’t go to business school. She or he probably didn’t get a management degree. The Secret Project Manager might be Marketing Project Manager, Engineering Project Manager, Project coordinator, IT Project Manager. She or he is any person that leads a team of people towards a certain goal—and really, that could be anyone. They find themselves accountable to stakeholders, give status updates on projects to higher-ups, or oversees budgets and resources for a team of people.