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Length: 40 Hours
Technology: Huawei
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HCIA Storage

This course you will understand and master the knowledge and skills about storage technology trends, storage systems architecture, storage basic technologies, storage common advanced technologies, storage service continuity solutions, and basic O&M management of storage systems; are able to deploy, operate, maintain, and manage storage systems; are competent for enterprise storage engineers, IT technical support and other positions. 

Those who want to be storage engineers. Those who want to achieve HCIA-Storage certification. Administrator of storage array 

Module 1: Storage Technology Trends 

  • Concepts of information, data, and data storage
  •  Data storage development history and trend

Module 2: Storage Basic Technologies

  • Intelligent storage component
  •  RAID technology
  •  Common storage protocols
  • Storage system architecture
  • Storage network architecture
  • Introduction to Huawei intelligent storage products
  • Scenario-based practice of storage fundamentals

Module 3: Storage Common Advanced Technologies

  • Storage resource optimization technology and application
  • Storage data protection technology and application
  • Scenario-based practice of storage common advanced features

Module 4: Storage Business Continuity Solutions

  •  Introduction to the Backup solution
  • Introduction to the DR solution
  • Technical differences between the backup solution and DR solution

Module 5: Storage System O&M Management

  • Storage system operation management
  • Storage system O&M management
  • Scenario-based Practice of Storage O&M management

Understand basic network knowledge. Understand computer components. Understand the basic knowledge of the Windows and Linux operating systems

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