HNTD-1: Huawei Network Technology and Device Training - Part 1

Home Course HNTD-1: Huawei Network Technology and Device Training - Part 1


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Length: 40 Hours
Technology: HCIA
Price : +855 70 30 40 92 / +855 11 93 62 08
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HNTD-1: Huawei Network Technology and Device Training - Part 1

The HNTD-1 course focuses on providing a naturally progressive path of learning towards developing expertise in the implementation and maintenance of Huawei enterprise networks. This step-by-step training establishes a firm foundational knowledge of data communications, and establishment of fundamental networks, with gradual implementation of Switching, Routing, WAN, Security technologies and services to establish industry relevant enterprise networks. The modularity of the course allows for selective reading to accommodate for each stage of personal development.

This course designs for

  • IT Network
  • IT Administration

Module 1: Building Basic IP Networks

  • Enterprise Network Constructs
  • Ethernet Framing
  • IP Addressing
  • Internet Control Message Protocol
  • Address Resolution Protocol
  • Transport Layer Protocols
  • Data Forwarding Scenario

Module 2: Huawei Device Navigation and Configuration

  • Expanding the Huawei Enterprise Network
  • Navigating the CLI
  • File System Navigation and Management
  • VRP Operating System Image Management

Module 3: Supporting and Maintaining Enterprise Local Area Networks

  • Establishing a Single Switched Network
  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Module 4: Establishing Internetwork Communication

  • Segmenting the IP Network
  • IP Static Routes
  • Distance Vector Routing with RIP
  • Link State Routing with OSPF

Module 5: Implementing Network Application Services

  • DHCP Protocol Principles
  • FTP Protocol Principles
  • Telnet Protocol Principles

Objectives on completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Explain the intricacies of data transmission over IP networks, for competency in supporting, maintaining and troubleshooting IP networks.
  • Perform IP address planning for establishing well-designed networks.
  • Navigate and manage Huawei products through the virtual routing platform (VRP).
  • Build efficient data switching environments through the management of switching products and manipulation of related (STP/RSTP) link layer protocols.
  • Explain the principles of routing and configure (RIP/OSPF) routing protocols for the implementation and support of effective enterprise network routing solutions.

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